Denpasar Glance

Bali has long been known throughout the world as a tourist destination that is unique, because it has the potential of tourism such as natural beauty, cultural diversity, and social life of the people who are predominantly Hindu. Denpasar Bali as well as the Capital is also the center of economic activities, education, and tourism.

As a tourist destination, Denpasar comparative advantage due to its strategic location in the central island of Bali and has the object and tourist attraction that is not less interesting to other areas. Similarly, with less variety of tourism support facilities such as accommodation, restaurants, travel agents, shopping centers and the health facilities such as hospitals / clinics of international standard that is always ready to serve the needs of travelers. Therefore it is not wrong if there is a presumption that Denpasar is a barometer of tourism in Bali, Denpasar is the giver because the first impression, the fisrt image of Bali.

As the vision of a city vision of culture developed, Denpasar government always tried to explore the potential of cultural tourism has, moreover, in order to support and enrich the Indonesia visit year (Visit Indonesia 2011), Denpasar City Government will conduct a program which is an activity compilation in the form of cultural and artistic performances throughout the year 2011, titled Sightseeing Denpasar.


Evoke a sense of community pride in local cultural creativity so as to give a positive impression to Denpasar as a tourist destination worth visiting.


  • Preserving the cultural heritage of Bali in general and in particular Denpasar
  • Increase tourist visits
  • Generating economic value of culture