Sakenan Temple

Sakenan temple was built on a small island called ‘Serangan‘, precisely in the area south of Denpasar, by a pastor named ‘Dang Hyang Dwijendra‘. The island can be reached by water transportation: the boat that crosses the mangrove forests, or it could be a vehicle passing a new way to live up to in the parking area of Sakenan temple. This temple ceremony takes place every 210 days, coinciding with the Kuningan Day. In addition Sakenan temple, Serangan Island is also famous as the preservation of the ‘Penyu‘, a type of turtle, which is a collaboration between goverment with the environmental protection agency (WWF). Therefore, the island is also known as Turtle Island.

Pura Sakenan di Pulau Serangan
Sakenan Temple


Location of Sakenan Temple is as follow:



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