Cultural Park / Werdhi Budaya

Cultural Park was originally a Development Project Arts Center in Denpasar Bali which was formed in 1969 that aims to preserve the wealth of art and culture of Bali. This project is the brainchild of Alm. Ida Bagus Mantra which then give a mandate to a leading architectural Bali, Ida Bagus Tugur to develop the area. The project is called Werdhi Culture / Art Centre and then on August 16, 1978 instituted by the name of the Cultural Park. Cultural Park is located in the Nusa Indah ± 2 km to the east of the center of Denpasar.

In this place there are several buildings that became tourist attraction:

  • Mahudara Bhuana Mandara Giri is the building where the exhibition of works of art.
  • Ardha Candra is an open platform that is commonly used for staging colossal.
  • Ksirarnawa (covered stage) used for staging art colossal, and still many other buildings that attract tourists.
  • Taman Budaya Art Centre is always used as a center for the implementation of the Bali Arts Festival every year at about mid-June s / d in July.

Location Cultural Park as follows:



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