Indonesian Art Institute, Denpasar

Indonesia Institut of Art, Denpasar is located on the north Taman Budaya field was built in 1967. The Institute focuses on arts programs such as Dance, Folk, Traditional Puppet, Sculpture and others. The Indonesian Art Institute annually participates in the Bali Arts Festival program. Here there are different types of gamelan and clothing and accessories show.


Gedung Natya Mandala
Natya Mandala Building


Gedung Kriya Hasta Mandala
Kriya Hasta Mandala Building


The Indonesian Art Institute has a responsibility to preserve, develop, and improve the quality of the art and cultural values of the nation of Indonesia. Institut Seni Indonesia Denpasar believes art can function maintaining the balance of life and strengthen the identity to face the impact of globalization alone – the eye based on science and technology.

Location of Indonesian Art Institute, Denpasar is as follow:



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