Imperium of Kumbasari Market

Kumbasari Market area which was once a center endek fabric sales, due to a shift and a decrease in the number of consumers, increasingly fallen down. To restore the prestige of Kumbasari as before, Mayor IB Rai D. Mantra, in collaboration with Dekranasda and the Mandiri Bank agreed to make the fifth floor of Kumbasari market as a place of creativity SMEs. With the launch of Imperium of Kumbasari Market, Denpasar government continues its efforts to lift endek where traditional textile, embroidery and songket be a superior product that is capable of meeting the future demand for both national and international markets.

Pasar Kumbasari
Kumbasari Traditional Market


Penjualan Barang-barang Kerajinan
Sales of goods crafts

Location of Imperium of Kumbasari Market is as follow:



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