Blanjong Historic Inscription

This historic inscription located in Mertasari area, Sanur, with a shape like a pillar with ± 177 cm high with a diameter of 62 cm. This inscription is written with two letters, the letter Pre-Negari that uses ancient Balinese language and letters are used Sanskrit Kawi. Several hypotheses have emerged among scholars in connection with the inscription related to the expansion of Kesari Warmadewa Desert or Suwal or site Blanjong a port. In addition to the inscriptions on the site Blanjong also found a number of statues there are still intact some are staying just some. As for the statues to the site Blanjong among others: statue of Ganesha, Arca embodiment, Arca Terracotta, Arca Beast. Environmental of Blanjong Historic Inscription under the management of Archaeological Heritage Preservation Hall Bali Province.


Location of Blanjong Historic Inscription is as follow:



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