Jro Kuta Palace

The island of gods is so known for the diversity of cultures and customs dazzling. On the island of Bali, palace is a term for a noble residence, especially those who are a close relative of the kings of Bali.

Puri Jro Kuta
Jro Kuta Palace

Based on the triwangsa system, the palace is occupied by the nobles of the dynasty warrior. Etymologically, the palace (Puri) was actually derived from the Sanskrit word endings that PUR, PURI, PURA, Puram. Which means fortified castle city or town with a castle tower. One of them is the Jro Kuta Grand Palace that located in the western city of Denpasar is approximately 1 km from the city center, at the Sutomo street number 38.

Jro Kuta Grand Palace established by Dewa Gede Jambe Badung, more or less in 1820M. After Abiseka as king of palace, he titled Kyai Gede Agung Jro Kuta Kahunin gan.

Family of Jro Kuta Grand Palace is a direct descendant of the Dewa Agung Puri Klungkung Kusamba which is the King of Klungkung.

As an overview of the history, especially in the Pitra yadnya (ancestor tribute) ceremony, pengabenan (human corpse burning) at Jro Kuta Grand Palace may use means of Naga Banda. Naga Banda is used because it is a direct descendant of King of Klungkung (Satria Dalem) that have Mabiseka Ratyu (Keprabon) which means ascended the throne as king.

Jro Kuta Grand Palace to the present has layout or zone that still arranged like the ancient times. When entering the place courtyard Jro Kuta Grand Palace, there are 4 grand gate. In terms of royal formerly called Nyatur Singa or four different locations in the region.

jro kuta 3


The first yard is Jaba Ancak Saji that is located in the southwest of the palace and is typically used to prepare before going into the palace, and then proceed to Jaba Tengah, Jaba Tandeg, Saren Agung (living room king), Suci, and the latter is Merajan Agung serves as a worship place of God.


Maintain the culture and local wisdom is characteristic of Jro Kuta Grand Palace, proved artisans still using traditional wooden looms nearly decades old.

Cultural forces, attachment to maintain the tradition, an important effort to preserve the diversity of the island. Palace existence as one of the central point of the previous royal era, should be able to continue to be preserved.


Pintu Masuk Puri Jro Kuta
Jro Kuta Grand Palace Entrance


Location of Jro Kuta Grand Palace is as follow:



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