Jagatnatha Grand Temple

Jagatnatha Grand Temple is located at east of Puputan Badung park, precisely on Denpasar Mayor Vishnu street. Attractiveness of this temple is ‘padmasana’ towering buildings. This temple is visited by tourists as well as Hindus who do worship, especially during the religious holidays such as Purnama, Tilem, Saraswati, Ciwaratri, and other special days. This temple is located very close to the Bali Museum, and can be reached in just 20 minutes by minibus from the Tegal station and Kreneng station. Specifically when Purnama (full moon), it held a puppet performance which starts at 7.00 pm in the front courtyard of the temple.

Hari Raya Galungan di Pura Jagatnata
Galungan Day at Jagatnata Grand Temple

Location of Jagatnatha Grand Temple is as follow:



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