Place of Interest Denpasar City

The statue stands on the cross roads in front of the Denpasar Mayorís office. It is called Catur Muka (Four Faces) because it has four heads facing out to the four quarters of the compass and builled in 1973. The statue was created by a craftsmen led by the locally renowned artist I Gusti Nyoman Lempad from Ubud village. Itís 9 meters high statue is a representing God Brahma (God Brahma, as the Creator of the Universe) with four faces and has its original story can be found Mahabharata epic.

Puri Kesiman is located closed to Pengerebongan Temple on WR Supratman Street, east of Denpasar. The temple of Pengerebongan is very famous for its event of trance experience. This event is carried out periodically during a ritual seventh day after the Galungan holiday.

It is located 6 km from Denpasar city and only 20 minutes from Denpasar. It can be reached by public transportation or motorbike. Sanur beach was the first beach landed by the Dutch on 20 September 1906 related with Puputan War. All international facilities are available for tourist and communities such as: Star/non star hotel, restaurant, travel agency, etc. Beside this beach give many water sport attraction to people or tourist who want to enjoy the beach such as: diving, snorkeling, parasailing and etc.

Sidik Jari Museum is a private fine art museum established and owned by I Gusti Ngurah Gede Pemecutan. It keeps the work of its owner, and its also keeps work of other artists. The uniqueness of the work here is that the paintings are done through the use of the tips of the fingers in applying different colours or paints in order to represent the artistís imagination.

This building was established on 14th February 1973 and has function to arrange the art and cultural attraction and supported with open stages and main buildings for: dancing, painting exhibition, seminar, music as specially big event of Bali art Festival is held on the middle of June to July every year. Itís located at Nusa Indah Street Denpasar.

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